World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day

Dedicated to World MS Day on May 31, Teva Pharmaceuticals is launching ‘Life Moments with MS’ campaign – a disease awareness initiative, highlighting the challenges faced by MS patients in managing their condition through changing life circumstances – like starting a family.

According to the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) more than 700,000 people in Europe are affected by MS. The prevalence of MS in women is more than twice as high as in men. MS is more common among women of childbearing age. The average age of diagnosis is approximately 30 years, with 35% of women delaying the decision to have children due to the disease.

In particular pregnancy or planning to start a family can have a direct impact on dosing regimen.  Literature suggests patients need to work with their healthcare providers to establish open lines of communication and a trust-based therapeutic relationship to ensure they have the knowledge and skills they need to adhere to their long-term MS therapy.


Please access this link to watch the video about Life Moments with Multiple Sclerosis.


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