Supporting local communities

To our company and staff, social responsibility means both making safe pharmaceuticals of high quality, providing for job safety and the well-being of our personnel, and initiatives aimed at bringing benefits for the state, its citizens, the people around us, and the community. We are concerned about how future generations will live, and therefore we invest in education and protect the environment so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy it.

Social responsibility

The successful running of Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB cannot be imagined without the company fostering social responsibility. We make continuous investments into the latest technologies and the development of the company in the Baltic states, which allows us to create many new jobs. We care about our workforce, and hence we are committed to building a safe work environment that favours professional advancement.

Successful company driven by happy staff

The successful operation of Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB rests on our qualified and competent staff, and therefore we do all we can to make them feel safe and to enable them to actualise their ideas, and to have their own values reflected in the goals and objectives of the company.

Every year, all our employees gather for a common Summer Convention, and we also cherish long-standing Christmas and Easter traditions.

We care about the health of our staff as well: all of our employees are covered by mandatory health insurance, yet wellness initiatives undertaken by the staff themselves are ever so much more important. The company is always there to support employees who engage in running marathons, e.g. the Charity run event in Estonia supporting the children`s hospital (in the picture above), bicycle trekking and other wellness activities.

Fostering a new generation of scientists

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the future is in the hands of the young generation, which is why we try to stir an interest in biotechnology in children and young people and encourage them to choose the path of science. We support young scientists and promote their advancement, devoting a great amount of time and knowledge to the expansion of the national modern biotechnological pharmaceutical industry.

We work with different educational establishments in Lithuania and invest money in improving the quality of studies of biotechnology, gene engineering and other subjects of that ilk at Lithuanian colleges and universities. Thanks to the initiative of the company, a Bioengineering Department was set up at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in 1994. Its students write their graduation theses using the scientific base of Sicor Biotech / TEVA Baltics. We provide equipment and reagents to university laboratories.

We are a contributor to the science festival Spaceship Earth, we forever host school and university student field trips to demonstrate visually to the kids, how the latest medications are developed, how contemporary scientists work and what prospects they face. We also invite physicians, members of our employees’ families to such field trips, which are also open to the general public and basically everyone interested in scientific progress.

We are also partnering with The Latvian Pharmacists Society in running a long-term educational programme “The School of Biopharmaceuticals” for all Pharmacists, interested in obtaining such an education. The Programme consists of a 3-day academic part and 1-day introductory tour of the Teva Manufacturing facilities in Vilnius (see the photo above), where Filgrastim is produced.

Supporting talents

Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB sees to it that the country’s best talents work and create in the Baltic Sates. We support both scientific projects, and various cultural, art events and initiatives of our employees.


To give due credit to the brightest minds in Lithuanian science and business and to contribute to the expansion of science, Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB has become an initiator and sponsor of The Tree of Life, a medical science award in Lithuania.

Taking care of people’s wellbeing

We find it important to be a good neighbour in the locales where we have a presence. Therefore, we try to maintain a social relationship with borough administrations, district educational establishments. We contribute to communal events, festivals and are open to new initiatives and proposals to cooperate.
Every resident of Baltic States is important to us, and we value their health in particular. And this is why Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB always supports patient organisations as well as programmes by the Health Ministries and various healthcare establishments.

Protecting people and the environment

One of Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB priorities is safe and environmentally friendly operation. We invest in water preservation systems, reduce our energy consumption levels, recycle, and employ other measures to keep the environment clean and healthy. We are glad to have our employees engaging, on a voluntary basis, in environmental cleaning campaigns such as the Let’s do it initiative. Taking care of the environment is becoming an established tradition for the company and its staff.
On top of that, we pursue a particularly austere policy when it comes to disposing of our work tools and materials. We adhere to the legislation, apply the principles of good biological practice throughout our laboratories and high in-house standards of managing work tools and materials. We endeavour to keep our employees safe and are doing all in our power to prevent our business from negatively affecting the environment and to have it benefit the people.