Safety is our priority

Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB cares about its employees' safety and continuously works to improve it, by forming a strong safety culture. Our goal is to achieve a zero accident rate, through our rigorous compliance with Teva global and country local safety standards.

The company invests a great deal of effort and resources to guarantee our employees' safety. From risk assessments and personal protective equipment, to laboratories or office safety and workstation assessments; it’s all about protecting the safety of our employees whilst they are at work going about their daily duties.

Our main safety activities include:

  • Strict follow-up on annual safety work plans;
  • Audits conducted by independent bodies as well as in-house teams;
  • Job Safety Analysis of safety-related issues of each and every workstation, with the participation of the employees;
  • Risk Management and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) plans incorporated into working procedures, serve as both preventive measures and a means to identify and mitigate potential risks;
  • Safety training held according to predefined training procedures and training work plans. Both employees and managers participate in direct safety training.


All of these means create a safe and secure working environment for our employees and other parties working for Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB, who are involved in making our products.