Since its establishment Sicor Biotech UAB has always had a Research and Development (R&D) department. Over this period, extensive experience has been gathered in the development of recombinant proteins manufacturing technologies and their application for the purposes of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Our R&D specialists are knowledgeable in the fields of biochemistry, biology, microbiology, genetics, chemistry, bioengineering, and natural science. Currently, the efforts of R&D are focused on the characterisation of biological molecules and stability studies, and also on the purification and formulation of protein – tasks that require top scientific qualifications and intricate and complex hardware. And this is why the department operates a large lab facility where protein stability and structural characteristics, protein purification and other manufacturing technologies are researched and related analytical methods are developed.
The key R&D objectives cover a wide range of scientific and applied solutions: here we develop efficient technologies for the production of pharmaceutical substances and products, define these processes to their smallest details, develop analytical processes enabling the analysis of the protein structure of target recombinant therapeutic proteins and their qualitative and quantitative properties. The R&D of Sicor Biotech also develops biopharmaceutical formulations ensuring the long-term stability of proteins.
To secure closer cooperation with the biopharmaceutical plant in Lithuania, a new R&D facility is currently under construction on Molėtai Road in Vilnius. The new facility will be able to share its infrastructure and experience to a wider extent in order to utilise the available production capacities more efficiently and to optimise manufacturing processes and support the implementation of technologies to come.
The R&D Department stands in tight cooperation with Teva’s research units and plants in Israel, the US, and other countries.
In 2004, the research and applied works at Sicor Biotech were recognised with the National Science Prize, the highest scientific award in Lithuania.
In 2008, the Company was awarded the Tree of Life for its applications of science in business.
In 2008, Sicor Biotech UAB claimed the Swedish Business Award in the category of Innovation of the Year.