Teva continues to leverage the size and diversity of its operations to bring the best quality pharmaceutical products to your doorstep.

Operations consist of Production, Engineering and Quality activities

  • Production manufactures high quality biopharmaceuticals drug substances;
  • Engineering supports facility running and expansions;
  • Quality involves quality control laboratory testing and assures compliance with the regulatory requirements.


Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB operations maintain high standards of performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness. We are proud of our highly qualified staff working in Operations. More than 80% of our employees are university graduates and have bachelor or master degrees in life sciences. These achievements rely on the company’s unique qualities, among them:

  • Expert knowledge of biopharmaceutical technologies;
  • In-depth understanding of regulatory requirements and efficient Quality Management;
  • Presence in all leading markets worldwide.

Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB Operational Facts

  • Operates the biotechnology plant in Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • Products are distributed to over 50 markets;
  • Operational activities constantly grow by expanding manufacturing facilities (capacity expanded by more than double);
  • Exports more than 90% of own products;
  • Operations include more than 150 employees.

The Operational Process

The operational process consists of::

  • Microbial fermentation for biopharmaceuticals biosynthesis;
  • Biopharmaceutical drug substance manufacturing (purification);
  • Drug product manufacturing and fill & finish in other Teva sites;
  • Quality control testing in all process stages;
  • Drug substance and drug product release by Quality assurance;
  • Drug product distribution to markets.