Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB Operational Facts:

  • Operates the biotechnology plant in Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • Products are distributed to over 50 markets;
  • Operational activities constantly grow by expanding manufacturing facilities (capacity expanded by more than double);
  • Exports more than 90% of own products;
  • Operations include more than 150 employees.




Biotechnology is an ancient and well-developed science that affects our daily lives. Since the dawn of time plants and animals were selectively bred and microorganisms were used for the production of foods such as bread, cheese, wine, and beer. Some samples found by archaeologists may date back as far as 5000 BC.
Modern biotechnology covers various technologies related to the use of living organisms or their products for the food or medical industry by way of improving plants and animals, developing organisms for specific uses, and improving human health and the usual environment.




Since its establishment Sicor Biotech UAB has always had a Research and Development (R&D) department. Over this period, extensive experience has been gathered in the development of recombinant proteins manufacturing technologies and their application for the purposes of the biopharmaceutical industry.




Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB engaged in active commercial business in the Baltic countries back in 2004, when Teva founded an office in Lithuania. Sales and marketing departments were set up in Latvia and Estonia in 2007. Currently, the company has more than 100 employees staffing its commercial division across the three Baltic states that distribute more than 300 prescription and over-the-counter drugs manufactured by Teva’s pharmaceutical companies.