Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB engaged in active commercial business in the Baltic countries back in 2004, when Teva founded an office in Lithuania. Sales and marketing departments were set up in Latvia and Estonia in 2007. Currently, the company has more than 100 employees staffing its commercial division across the three Baltic states that distribute more than 300 prescription and over-the-counter drugs manufactured by Teva’s pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceuticals from Teva to cure oncological, cardiovascular diseases, CNS, respiratory tract illnesses, common colds and many other ailments are all available in the Baltic countries. Teva’s pharmaceuticals satisfy every requirement for the quality of pharmaceutical preparations and have their action backed up with clinical trials.
To market its medications in the Baltics, Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB uses the help of partners – hospitals and pharmaceutical wholesalers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In order to maintain the quality of the presentation of prescription drug news to physicians and pharmacists, the company holds educational seminars, conferences on its premium quality pharmaceutical preparations and medications, their properties and applications, and methods of safe and efficient treatment.
Information about over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements is made available both to specialists and end users, i.e. patients. The company stages social initiatives to aid its clients in choosing the right preparation and finding out the causes of their afflictions. For instance the websites,, designed by the company, not only provides ample information on the causes of pain and ways to combat it, but also gives advice on healthy lifestyle and occupational environment improvement to prevent these conditions from occurring.
According to information available from the market research company IMS Health, the Lithuania-based Teva Baltics / Sicor Biotech UAB (you can see the Lithuanian S&M team in the picture below) and its offices in Latvia and Estonia make the TOP 10 list of pharmaceutical companies. Adhering to its consistent strategy, the company has plans to further enlarge its market share and offer new premium quality pharmaceutical preparations to help cure a great number of patients in the Baltics.