Our Values

Our guiding values support us as we deliver on our vision to be the most indispensable medicines company for the world. Teva’s values embody the very nature of how we operate.

Our Guiding Values

Teva is committed to a values-based, high-performance and effectiveness-driven culture.

Our purpose is what drives us. It gives meaning to everything we do. Our values represent an unbreakable chain of behaviors, and a process that embodies the nature of how we operate.


Teva’s VALUES represent the very best of what Teva is and can be. They provide focus, direction and essential guidance. They allow for localization while valuing the diversity and richness of our heritage. They help create an environment that will attract and retain the best and brightest in the industry, ensuring our long-term success.


Our PURPOSE is about people, who are at the heart of everything we do. It is about people around the globe, seeking to be healthy. It is about us, the people of Teva, applying our capabilities and skills, as well as our passion and human touch, in order to improve their health and make them feel better.


We aim not only to help sick people get better but also to help healthy people stay healthy.